We’re starting a collaboration based on the Japanese culture - contribute all of your art and ideas!


WRITERS, JAPANESE HISTORIANS & SCHOLARS: Contribute Japanese stories or folk tales that could be told in 3 minutes or less. You can also write your own original story.

VOICE OVER ARTISTS: Find a story in the collaboration and perform a reading of it.

ORIGAMI ARTISTS: Contribute Origami art of all kinds. You could also upload a template so other artists could make their own. Please photograph your Origami on green paper so Animators can remix them.

ANIMATORS: Find visuals from the collab and do Test Animations of them. Or find a story you like, and Animate it.

ILLUSTRATORS: Contribute drawings for the collab.

MUSICIANS: Contribute Japanese-influenced music.

CURATORS: Make Albums of your favorite contributions to the collab.


Contribute to the “UNTITLED JAPANESE FOLK TALE” collab HERE!

This actually makes me nervous.
It has the potential to be either really beautiful, or really offensive…

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  • 3 April 2014
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